Bio – Cheen Pitney

Cheen Pitney landed in the metaverse with a curtain of fog that slowly lifted and revealed to him the works of Starax and Stormy. Soon he could actually talk to the folks around him and not bump into everything in sight. When he found the camera a world of wonder opened as he gazed in amazement at complex crystaline fashionings and shiny textures.

A boorish presence at primiversities he managed to mangle instructions and send many a prim spaceward before he captured the essentials of the primiverse. So onto the sandboxes he ventured and played with prims, jamming them together and gazing and moving until the muse was satisfied. Sculptures were attempted, one of his first being the Glassblower statue in shiny rubber which won a Primworx Show and Tell.

Cheen used the winnings to rent a gallery space which he called Peacefools, (if Peacefools is the answer, what is the question?) and then a chain of Peacefools. Lucky was he also in finding patrons to support his prim addiction as the simplicity of the Glassblower became a rare thing as more and more prims were consumed. One day Morris Vig contacted Cheen with the idea of expanding his Oyster Bay Aquatic Display with a sculpture garden.

This was an excellent opportunity to feature Cheen’s sculpture and since then Oyster Bay has grown to be one of the premier Sculpture Galleries in SL featuring the best and brightest. Another highlight for Cheen was a show of his work at Lauks Nest, an island made perfect for sculpture with many terraces and outcroppings.

Another show is scheduled there for early September 2007. The Blackwater Gallery probably has the largest collection of Pitney pieces on display (as well as other sculptors) through the courtesy of Jurin Juran. An aspect of the world Cheen enjoys is interacting with his clients and blending their desires for custom sculpture with his need for creativity. He is ever interested in the challenges presented to him. Always happy to see folks at his studio in Cezary Fish’s DeLodi sim, check his profile for directions to his work.

Magellan Egoyen produced an interesting youTube interview which features many of Cheen’s pieces.

Cypress Rosewood also conducted a radio interview with Cheen on his “When Worlds Collide” podcast.

Cheen also received a small headshot and some quotes in the rl magazine article “Kunst und Kitsh im Second Louvre” which ran in the german magazine ” Art das kunstmagazin” as well as its parent publication ” Stern”.

A spotty Cheen Pitney blog can also be found at blogspot.

This artist will be displaying artwork during the in-world portion of the SLCC.

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