Final SLCC Art Exhibit Updates!

This may be the last update we give about the art exhibits taking place at the convention as well as in-world, because we only have 2 days left before everything starts happening. Holy smokes where did the time go?! That being said, here’s a couple updates for you all…

1) We’ve added exhibit locations to the left side of the site that tell you what artists are displaying there as well as SLURL’s to get you to the location and a description of the location.

2) We’ve updated/changed the navigation a bit as far as the artists are concerned. We separated the in world artists from the Chicago convention artists, both links are also on the top of the left hand navigation. The in-world artists list is as complete as we’re going to get it, sorry if anyone was left out, you’ve had plenty of chances to get in touch with us.

We’ll see everyone up in Chicago who is coming, everyone else, enjoy the In-World art exhibit by some great artists!!


Calling All IN-WORLD Artists Participating In the SLCC!

Ok everyone, we have 9 days to go before the convention, and we need to start wrapping up preparations ASAP. I need every artist who is displaying artwork for the IN WORLD portion of the convention, who is not yet listed on this website as participating, to email me (Esch Snoats) a 1-2 paragraph bio and a website where your work can be seen and anything else you can think of. Look at the bios of the artists already displayed here to get an idea what we’re going for.

If you don’t do this, the show will go on and it’s your loss for some publicity!

SLCC Updates

With just over a month to go, we wanted to give a few updates on what is going on with the art exhibit portion of the con. First, check out which artists are participating at the SLCC or in-world portions of the convention at our Artists Showing @ Chicago page and Artists Showing In-World page. Here you can find out the type of art they create and see whether they’re showing artwork at the convention in RL or during the in-world portion.

Artist bios and photos were sent in earlier this week to the team that will be designing and printing the program for the convention, so expect to see some information inside the program on the artists showing work there. And speaking of program, our very own assistant curator and fellow artist, Esch Snoats, was asked to design the cover art for this year’s program! Being the efficient little monkey that Esch is, he had it done within days of being asked and it’s already approved and in the can.

We are still currently working out final confirmations on which locations will be hosting the in-world portion of the convention, so expect the list on this site to update sometime soon. Also we’ll be adding more artist bios to this page as the information comes in, so check back often and look to the left side for the bios!

That is all for now. End of line.

The balls a rollin’

It is said that there is no word for “art” in the Balinese culture. In fact, art making is part of daily life for children, adults, and everyone in between. Many would argue that the same holds true in the visually captivating world of Second Life. Since nearly everything one sees and interacts with in SL is created by its users and not by the Second Life staff, one could say that it follows the same theory as Balinese culture. However, in the past few years, RL artists and creative people are setting up camp in SL to show and sell their artworks to enthusiasts from around the world. They’re making huge statements about society and reflections on reality. Never has there been a more effective way for artists to connect to the artworld and connect to eachother. With all the excitement and media attention surfacing about Second Life as a business and social networker’s dream, its no wonder why artists in Second Life are starting to generate a huge buzz. This buzz is literally headed for Chicago in August in the form of the Second Life Community Convention Art Expo.

From August 24 – 26, the Chicago Hilton Hotel becomes the home to the artwork of many artists from Second Life. The exhibit will take place throughout the hotel during the Second Life Community Convention, which is grabbing the attention of thousands of media circuits from across the world. These artists are on the cutting edge of virtual reality technology as they create, collaborate, and connect with art enthusiasts in real time and within a visually rich environment. With thousands of artists logging into Second Life each day, it’s impossible to exhibit all their artwork, but curator Jeffrey Lipsky (aka FIlthy FLuno) is bringing together some of the brightest stars from virtual reality to Chicago! What makes these diverse artist special is that their artworks exist not only in the computer world, but in real life too! While artists like Shoshana Epsilon, Half Moxing, and Dancoyote Antonelli create their imagery inside the virtual world, other artists like Esch Snoats, Tuna Oddfellow, Gracie Kendall, and Static Schultz apply other digital and “hands on” techniques.

The “in world” exhibit promises to be just as exciting as the RL. Exhibitions will be at Artropolis and other locations, where artists won’t be limited to the laws of physics and gravity as in the RL exhibit. Click here to see the grid wide locations.